My Discovery of Mens Mesh Swimwear

I have been on a kick about wearing mens mesh swimwear lately and I am not exactly sure why. I had these things given to me as a joke from a friend of mine a couple years ago and I never even tried them on until recently. I figured they were nothing more than a gag gift that he found in one of those adult stores that he enjoys going to so much. As it turns out, there are actually quite a few guys around the world that wearing them on the beaches as actual swimwear and that is what got me curious.

As I have said, I thought the mens mesh swimwear I was given was nothing more than a joke. However, once I started seeing other guys wearing them on the beach, I thought I would go home and actually try them on myself. I didn’t think that I would enjoy them all that much, but I was ready to at least give them a try to see what they would feel like on my body. Amazingly enough, I loved the way they felt and I was curious to see how other designs might feel in their place.

Now I am wearing my mens mesh swimwear just about everywhere I go, even under my pants. I can’t really explain how great it is to have something like this on, but I don’t think I will be wearing any other type of swimwear anytime soon; not unless I can find a design that is made out of the same mesh based swimwear. I do have to be careful of which beaches I go to, but that is to be expected really. I just stick with the ones that I have seen other guys wearing mesh swimwear on and do just fine.



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