Having Fun in My Mens Mesh Swimwear


Mens mesh swimwear has brought me some of the most entertaining moments in my life. This is especially true when I wear them in a flesh or nude color. I watch the expressions on the faces of people at the beach as they see me getting closer to them. It is almost like they cannot comprehend what they are seeing. The first thing that wonder is whether I am actually naked or not. Then comes the puzzled look wondering what has happened to my penis because, if I am nude; shouldn’t my penis be noticeable? Instead, I tend to look as if I don’t actually have a penis. It is one of those moments where they know they should not be staring, yet they cannot look away.

Eventually, as I get closer to these onlookers, they see that I am wearing mens mesh swimwear in a color that just makes me look as if I am naked. Gradually, I see some heads nodding in comprehension and smiling. Other people seem even more horrified at the truth because, now, they really can see my penis. These people are the ones that either discreetly look down at their feet or cover their eyes with their hands. Those are the ones that make me laugh the most. I have thrown them a huge curve and they cannot handle the truth of the matter.

At the end of the day, though, I usually have more men approaching me with questions regarding where I found a swimsuit like this. I am happy to share the various websites that sell mens mesh swimwear. More often than not, the next time I visit the beach, I spot at least a couple of guys walking around in their new mesh swimsuits. I make it a point to go over to them and tell them how hot they look. After all, we guys have to stick together when trying out something a bit new and risqué.



Sexy Mens Mesh Swimwear


There is nothing sexier than wearing mens mesh swimwear out in public when people don’t notice it. I would like for people to notice that I am wearing something sexy, but when they don’t notice that they can see through that sexy swimwear, it means I don’t get kicked off the beach again. I like to cross lines a lot and my swimwear is usually the first to get banned from being worn in public. But I have some mesh designs that people don’t even realize is showing off everything I have to offer. Kind of makes me hard just thinking about it.

Now if you are going to wear mens mesh swimwear out in public like I do, you have to find the right color scheme. You can’t wear anything brightly colored as it will definitely show the skin through the mesh. I like to pick colors that are close to my skin color but not the nude colors. I want them to notice that I am wearing swimwear, but not notice that they can see through them right away. In fact, I would prefer that they have to get up close and personal before being able to notice they are see through.


You also have to be careful of the reactions that you might get from wearing mens mesh swimwear in public. Some people simply will not put up with it and will do everything they can to get rid of you. This happens whether or not they can see through your swimwear, too. These people just don’t like change and think that anything that shows off the male body is too much to be showing off in public. I think they are prudes that need to be shown how fantastic the male body is in something like this. So I wear my mesh and prove my point without them even realizing it, and that is really a great feeling at the end of the day.


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Shocking Mens Mesh Swimwear


Imagine that you are walking along the beach, letting the waves skim your toes and enjoying the sunshine. Suddenly, you notice a man walking towards you that looks as if he isn’t wearing anything at all! It’s quite a shock to the system until you get closer and see that he’s actually wearing mens mesh swimwear. That would also explain why he looked somewhat odd in the genital area. Of course, now that he is much closer to you, it is clear to see that his penis and balls are showing underneath that swimsuit.

Nothing will ever prepare you for that first glimpse of a man wearing a mesh swimsuit. There’s no way to get around it because you will see something that you have never witnessed on a public beach. The closest you might have come to seeing anything similar to mens mesh swimwear is if you have visited a clothing optional beach. Of course, on those beaches, men are actually naked and there’s not even any mesh standing between their packages and your eyes. It can all be rather amusing, embarrassing and exciting at the same time. Now, if you happen to be pretty open minded about it all, you will probably take it quite well and just smile and nod at the guy as you move on past.

It is pretty clear that the idea of mens mesh swimwear is still a rather novel one. There are still many men that fear wearing something so open and revealing. These men might be amazed at the positive attention they will receive while appearing on a public beach in this type of swim suit. Seriously, you would be amazed at how many people will love watching you in the mesh suit once the initial shock has worn off.  Imagine how you will feel when those great looking people start waving smiling at you to get your attention. Now, that’s when you know that you have been a huge hit on the beach.

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Debuting My Mens Mesh Swimwear



When I first saw mens mesh swimwear, it shocked me a little. I’m not a prude by any stretch of the imagination but this was just something that seemed pretty risqué. You have to admit that having see-through material covering your bare ass and the family jewels does not make much of a swimsuit. It was a bit jarring to see the male models wearing something of this nature because I’ve always been somewhat conservative in what I choose to wear to the beach. I mean, people are going to see you in your swimsuit and most of these people are strangers.


Now that was the negative side of my opinion of mens mesh swimwear. The flip side of that particular coin is that I also found it to be some of the most exciting and fascinating swimwear I had ever seen. Yes, it shows off a lot, but it also teases and tantalizes at the same time. Seriously, what could be more entertaining than walking down the beach and knowing that people were staring at you thinking “Is he naked or not?” I found that to be pretty arousing. No other kind of swimwear has ever made me feel that way. That’s when I realized I had to have at least one swimsuit made from mesh.


My first time out on the beach wearing my mens mesh swimwear was an experience that I will never forget. I loved the way it made me feel. Yes, nearly everyone was staring at me, but I found it all quite exhilarating. They were all wondering if they were seeing what they thought it was. You could clearly see the question mark right there on their faces. I didn’t care, though. In fact, the mesh material felt more like a second skin than anything else. After that first outing, I knew that I would most likely never wear any other type of swimsuit again. Maybe various styles, but the material will probably always be mesh.

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Delighting in my Mens Mesh Swimwear


I took some new mens mesh swimwear to the beach last summer and didn’t realize that everyone could see exactly what I was bringing to the party. Apparently, the swimwear that I picked out was a bit more see-through in the sunlight than it was under the lights in my house. Inside, I was more than happy with the fact that I would be sneakily showing off my package but, outside, I was showing it off in all its glory. I wasn’t exactly the most popular person at the beach, but I did end up getting a lot of attention.

I found that wearing these mens mesh swimwear to the beach wasn’t the best thing for me to do. But it didn’t stop me from doing it again and again. Some people may be upset with me for wearing my mesh the way I do, but sometimes you have to do something that upsets people in order to force them to open their minds to what the world is really like. If I can do that to even one person out there in the big bad world, then I will wear my mesh swimwear everywhere I go.

Of course I did pick out a different style of mens mesh swimwear so that I could go out in public without showing off everything I have to the world. They are still as sexy as the other ones and aren’t as see-through either. People still notice them without looking at the veins in my cock while I walk up and down the beach. Now if I could just figure out why I get more attention from guys than I do the girls that I am trying to impress, I will be more than happy. It may be that men are just more open about where their interests lie. But attention is attention when it comes down to it.

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Sorry no models today just me wearing something I think is sexy!

My Discovery of Mens Mesh Swimwear

I have been on a kick about wearing mens mesh swimwear lately and I am not exactly sure why. I had these things given to me as a joke from a friend of mine a couple years ago and I never even tried them on until recently. I figured they were nothing more than a gag gift that he found in one of those adult stores that he enjoys going to so much. As it turns out, there are actually quite a few guys around the world that wearing them on the beaches as actual swimwear and that is what got me curious.

As I have said, I thought the mens mesh swimwear I was given was nothing more than a joke. However, once I started seeing other guys wearing them on the beach, I thought I would go home and actually try them on myself. I didn’t think that I would enjoy them all that much, but I was ready to at least give them a try to see what they would feel like on my body. Amazingly enough, I loved the way they felt and I was curious to see how other designs might feel in their place.

Now I am wearing my mens mesh swimwear just about everywhere I go, even under my pants. I can’t really explain how great it is to have something like this on, but I don’t think I will be wearing any other type of swimwear anytime soon; not unless I can find a design that is made out of the same mesh based swimwear. I do have to be careful of which beaches I go to, but that is to be expected really. I just stick with the ones that I have seen other guys wearing mesh swimwear on and do just fine.



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Mens Mesh Swimwear and the Looks I Get


Wearing my mens mesh swimwear out on the beach for the first time was quite entertaining; for me any way. Most of the people that looked in my direction had no idea what I was wearing and paid very little attention to me. On the other hand, there were some that got a closer look and noticed that they could see right through my swimwear. Those are the ones that had one of two expressions on their faces. The first look was one of sheer horror and revulsion. Those were the funniest looks I have ever gotten in anything I ever worn to the beach.

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My mens mesh swimwear was showing off my cock in ways that those people never thought possible and they didn’t not enjoy it at all. I simply smiled and waved at them like nothing was wrong and they would either half-assed wave back or turn and walk away mumbling about decency under their breath. The other looks I got from people were a mixture of shock and excitement. They was amazed to see someone wearing something like this and excited that they could actually see my cock through my swimwear at just the right angle. These looks were a mixture of admiration and lust, which I loved.

I adore wearing my mens mesh swimwear out in public because of those looks I get. Hardly anyone ever completely ignores what I am wearing, though. Most people will either run away or make some kind of comment about it. Even if they don’t realize that they can see through it at first. I have had people come up to ask me about where they could find a bathing suit like this and, once they see that it’s made form mesh, they try to change the subject awkwardly because they are afraid to wear them. It’s rather interesting to see the reactions that you can get from wearing something like this and I highly recommend trying them out.


Mens Mesh Swimwear and Finding the Best Beaches


Taking my new mens mesh swimwear out to the beach is a very exhausting event for me. I have to spend most of my time figuring out exactly which design I plan to wear and what beach I plan to wear them on. Most guys would just throw on whatever swimwear they have around the house on and head out the door. But I can’t do that because I have so many different designs available to me now. If I’m not careful, then I could end up getting myself arrested because of the style that I have on and the dress codes of the beach that I am going to visit.

I think it would be easier on me if there weren’t so many beaches in my vicinity to choose from, though. I could easily figure out what mens mesh swimwear would work for the two or three beaches around me and not have to worry about buying anything else. However, with over nine beaches within a reasonable distance, I have to remember what beaches will allow me to wear what designs. It’s all very frustrating, especially when I want to go to a certain beach but they won’t allow me to wear the swimwear that I want to wear.


One of these days, my mens mesh swimwear will be allowed on every beach that I might want to go to and that will take a lot of the hassle out of it all for me. Until then, though, I have come up with a chart that will help me remember what designs I can wear on the beaches that I frequent the most. This way I can take a look at what beach I want to go to and figure out the variety of designs that they are going to allow there. I know it’s strange, but when you love mesh swimwear as much as I do, you will do anything to wear them.


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Finding Beaches that Allow Mens Mesh Swimwear


One thing I have discovered about wearing mens mesh swimwear is that some people have no clue that they can see your cock through it if you don’t tell them. Of course, this depends on the design and style you are wearing as some of them are so see-through that you would have to be partially blind not to be able to tell. But, for the most part, people will think that it is all part of the design and won’t pay any attention to the fact that they are actually looking at your cock.


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Now that ends up causing me some problems when I am wearing my mens mesh swimwear out in public. I know that they can see my cock and that is a huge turn on for me. If they simply looked down and asked if that was my cock they could see, then the excitement building up inside me would ease and I could hold a conversation with them about it. But when they ignore the fact that they can see my cock, it makes me get an erection every time. The funny thing is they still don’t understand that they can see my cock through my swimwear.

I have had to stop wearing some of the mens mesh swimwear designs that I have purchased over the years out to the beach lately. Some of the designs are so blatantly invisible that some people actually thought I wasn’t wearing any swimwear at all and I ended up getting into trouble. The other designs make it almost impossible for me to walk around without getting an erection and that has also gotten me in trouble a few times. Thankfully, I have recently found a beach that will allow me to wear whatever swimwear I want as long as I can keep from showing off my erections. Oddly enough, being given permission to wear my mesh has staved off the random erections.

Introducing Mens Mesh Swimwear to a Disapproving Public


I have found that wearing mens mesh swimwear can be exciting if you are in the right place to show it off. I went to a beach a few weeks ago wearing a swimsuit made from mesh and the people just stared at me with looks of disapproval on their faces. I guess they didn’t like the fact that they could see through my swimwear all that much. But when I go to the beach that I normally visit, I get nothing but compliments about my swimwear. Maybe more guys should be wearing things like this on that other beach to get those people used to them.


I know that wearing mens mesh swimwear can be disturbing for some people to see but, unless they are basically sitting in my lap, they can’t really see through most of the designs I have. I like the mesh aspect but I don’t really want to be walking around showing the goods off to just any stranger. I try to buy the ones that are a little less see through for going out in public in that case. On the other hand, when wearing them at home, I like the ones that look like I’m not wearing anything at all.

If you are planning on wearing mens mesh swimwear out to the beach; you should take some time to make sure that you are wearing something that people will enjoy seeing. If you are being chased by a screaming mob of unruly people because they can see everything through your swimwear, then you probably aren’t going to be having much fun. Although, you might enjoy the exercise you get from trying to outrun everyone. I would still rather prefer the chance to lie out on the beach and enjoy the sun for a while, though, so that is something to think about.


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